[By Jason Hector, REALTOR® 11/10/2015]
Topanga is a West Los Angeles neighborhood located in the Santa Monica Mountains. The area is commonly known as Topanga Canyon due to the state park found within the area. Topanga Canyon Boulevard is the area’s main thoroughfare, which connects the Los Angeles Westside area of the San Fernando Valley. Nearby beach towns such as Malibu and Santa Monica, where surfing activities and seafood restaurants can be enjoyed, are easily accessible to Topanga residents. While the neighborhood’s landscape has been a popular spot for hikers. Two phone area codes serve the area, 310 and 818, while the 818 area code covers the northern part of Topanga.
The neighborhood obtained its name from the Topanga, an indigenous Native American tribe. The Chumash tribe also occupied Topanga as they settled north of Malibu. In the early twentieth century, cottages were built in the area and served as a weekend accommodations for Hollywood celebrities. With the neighborhood’s prominent bohemian culture, the area became a popular residential destination for musicians and artists. 
Homes in Topanga boast spectacular mountain and canyon views with lush green surroundings. The unique architecture of these homes varies from modern to ranch style homes. On average, smaller homes come with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. While, modern homes include five bedrooms and four bathrooms. The Topanga State Park is a great place for recreation as it contains hiking trails, waterfalls, streams and breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.