Realtor SEO Tips

[03/01/2016--by Jason Ian Hector, Real Estate Broker]  

Google has a helpful SEO guide which makes for a great starting point.  To demonstrate my role as a resource for the community, I believe in sharing some of the things that helped me get started in developing my online presence.  One of the great benefits to SEO is that people who are seeking help with short sales are able to easily find you with the help of my best friend....GOOGLE!
Some of the essential tools that I use are below: 
One of the great aspects of the webmaster tools is the ability to find spam sites which are liking to my website.
Want to know how to find if your site is recognized by the major search engine?  All you have to do is go the search window for the site.  For example my website is  I go to and in the search box type the following:  This will tell you how many pages Google has their directory.

Try the other major websites too.





If you are not recognized by these search engines, submit your site so that people can find you on the internet.  It took a while but I am now in the directory but it looks like the informaiton is a bit old.  You can use their update site link when you are in the directory your site is found in.  For example, I go to and type my website in the search and the directory comes up where the site is at as follows: Country/Business_and_Economy/Real_Estate/
From this page you can use the update site link to update the title information.  Give it some time for them to finish.  Keep checking back for coming info on Wikipedia contributions.  Good luck and happy blogging.